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What is HeadsUp?
HeadsUp is a campaign designed to inform the campus community of construction activity and to provide strategies for navigating safely, whether on foot or on wheels. It is produced by Stanford University Land, Buildings & Real Estate, and includes a collection of projects managed by the Department of Project Management, Department of Sustainability & Energy Management, Real Estate, and Buildings & Grounds Maintenance.

Why is HeadsUp important?
With the growing number of construction projects on the Stanford campus, it is our highest priority that the campus community is able to circulate safely to class, work, and home. Construction sites can be dangerous places, and it is important that everybody remains attuned to the construction activities around campus. Furthermore, the HeadsUp campaign provides a dedicated avenue to communicate the dynamic impacts of construction projects and any changes to circulation routes on campus. 

Who is behind HeadsUp?
HeadsUp is managed and maintained by a team in Stanford University Land, Buildings & Real Estate. If you'd like to reach us, please feel free to email

How do I learn more about a specific project?
To learn more about a specific project, we encourage you to visit the project's individual webpage via the drop-down menu above. If you are seeking information on a specific project's impacts and activities, we encourage you to consult the weekly project update for your neighborhood of interest.

Why is there so much construction on campus?
As a world-class educational and research institution, Stanford strives to always remain on the cutting edge. As teaching technologies and research methods evolve, it is important that the campus facilities follow suit. Everybody loves to live, study, work and play in brand new facilities, and schools/departments campus-wide are striving to provide the best buildings for the entire campus community. Depending on their size and complexity, building projects on campus can take on average 18 months to complete.  We appreciate your patience as we work hard to build a better Stanford for all those who live, study, work on, and visit the Farm.

I see construction work... why is it not on your website and map?
At the present time, HeadsUp primarily encompasses major construction and renovation projects that are managed by the Department of Project Management. There are several other entities on campus that manage construction projects (ie: individual departments, R&DE, Stanford Athletics, etc.), and these projects are not yet integrated into the HeadsUp campaign. 

Do you have weekly updates?
Yes! The HeadsUp Team produces a weekly newsletter that highlights important impacts on the campus community, and provides information on each project's planned construction activities for that week.

How can I sign up?
We're so glad you asked! Please click on this link to sign up for our weekly newsletter, or click the button on the bottom of this page.