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LBRE Replacement Building

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The proposed LBRE Replacement Building will provide a consolidated facility for on-campus LBRE functions and will house the majority of LBRE employees who remain on campus after the move to Redwood City. The new building and program will replace LBRE’s buildings located at Bonair Siding, which have inadequate facilities and are nearing the end of their useful life. The new facility will house a diverse set of job functions and include offices and space for shop and field technicians, grounds teams, and event services.

The new building will be constructed on a vacant triangular site adjacent to the Central Energy Facility (CEF). Planned to be three stories above-grade, the facility will feature shops, lockers, a small classroom, warehouse storage, amenity space and offices. The architecture of the new building will complement the basic exterior forms and material palette of the CEF including flat roofs, metal panels and bronze glazing systems. An additional single-story facilities support building will store large equipment vehicles for grounds and landscaping maintenance.

The LBRE Replacement Building will be located near the Central Energy Facility on Fremont Road.

Project Data

Schedule:  June 2021 - September 2023
Construction Hours:  7am - 5pm
Architect:  ZGF Architects
Contractor:  Whiting-Turner Contracting Company
Department/School:  Land and Buildings
Gross Square Feet:  80,000
Project Contact:  Will Howekamp