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Herrin Demolition


Project Description

The demolition of Herrin Hall and Herrin Labs is necessary as part of Stanford's agreement with Santa Clara County to build the Bass Biology Building. Building demolition is a disruptive activity, and our goal is to mitigate impacts to the teaching and research operations of the university. The Herrin demolition will consist of two main phases that will last through 2020. Work will occur Monday through Friday from 4am-3:30pm. Stanford has engaged Whiting-Turner to be the general contractor for the demolition work. Whiting-Turner has managed several logistically challenging construction projects on the Stanford campus.


Phase I: January 2020 to June 2020

The first phase starts January 6th 2020 and will last until commencement.

Phase I Construction Activities:

  • During the first phase, interior materials form the Herrins--ceiling, drywall, flooring, ductwork, piping, etcetera--will be removed.
  • Utility connections to the Herrin buildings will be capped off, which will require asphalt saw-cutting, underground excavation, and soil compaction within the project fenceline on Lomita.
  • There will also be work in the Gilbert basement mechanical room and corridor leading to the loading dock to remove steam piping that served the Herrin buildings. Scaffolding will be installed in the Gilbert mechanical room, basement corridor, and portions of the Gilbert/Regional Loading Dock.

Phase I Circulation:

  • Through access along the east side of Gilbert and the walk between Sapp and Herrin Hall will be maintained.
  • Access to Merck Green will be maintained.
  • The fenceline surrounding the Herrin buildings will block off through access along Lomita Mall on the eastern side of Herrin Hall (between Jane Stanford Way and the path between Herrin Hall and the Sapp Center).


Phase 2: June 2020 to the completion of demolition

Phase 2 Construction Activities:

  • Demolition of the Herrins will move to the exterior of the buildings. The buildings will be cut with a saw into smaller pieces and then lifted onto trucks. Concrete will also be crushed on the site.

Phase 2 Circulation:

  • In phase 2, which will start after commencement, the fenceline will expand to encompass the Merck lawn. A pedestrian corridor along the east side of the Gilbert building will be maintained, but will stop at the east entrance of the Gilbert building in order to keep safe distance from the demolition of the bridge between Gilbert and Herrin Labs.
  • The sidewalk on the northern side of Jane Stanford Way, between Gilbert Biology and Lomita Mall will become enclosed by the project fenceline.

Access to Sapp

  • Construction vehicle traffic will enter and exit the Herrin site from Lomita. We recognize that the Sapp center has several extremely busy classrooms and library, so we are planning several mitigation measures.
  • From the main construction gate on Lomita, a fenced corridor for construction vehicles will be created; pedestrians and bike traffic will be funneled to cross Lomita at one main location, instead of at any point along the Lomita.
  • Supplemental bike racks will be added along the perimeter of the Sapp Center.



Project Communication

Stanford LBRE, Departmant of Project Management:  Peter Wong 650-725-1123
Stanford Work Support:  650-723-2281 (24 hours a day)
Whiting-Turner Contracting Company:  Andrew Nett, Superintendent 925-399-9848



Safety Reminders

  • No unauthorized persons may enter the construction site without the authorization of Whiting-Turner Contracting Company.
  • Any Stanford visitor to the site needs to be accompanied by staff from the Department of Project Management.
  • Hard hats, closed toe shoes, long pants and shirts with sleeves are required on the jobsite at all times.