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District Work Centers


Project Description

The District Work Centers (DWCs) project will create decentralized facilities and a maintenance delivery model aimed at increasing productivity, improving service efficiency, and reducing travel time and expenses. The existing traditional model of centralized shops, located at Bonair Siding, consists of an array of dilapidated and substandard shops, where LBRE houses the mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and grounds technicians. The project seeks to reorganize the current model into four individual district work centers, which will enable technicians and equipment to be located in closer proximity to the buildings and customers they serve.

Three new one-story DWCs will be constructed on Memorial Way, Campus Drive next to the Roth Garage, and Panama Street adjacent to the Panama electrical substation. Each building was carefully planned on sites that are not ideal for future buildings. A fourth DWC will be in renovated space inside the Stanford Bookstore. Each DWC will include office facilities with kitchenette, workshop and storage area, and men’s and women’s locker and shower space.


Project Data

Department/School:  Land, Buildings & Real Estate
Architect:  MKThink Architects
Contractor:  Hillhouse Construction
Gross Square Feet:  12,105 (New) / 4,463 (Renovation)
Construction Schedule:  Winter 2018 – Summer 2019
Construction Hours:  7am - 4pm



Safety Reminders

  • No unauthorized persons may enter the construction site without the authorization of Hillhouse Construction.
  • Any Stanford visitor to the site needs to be accompanied by staff from the Department of Project Management.
  • Hard hats, closed toe shoes, long pants and shirts with sleeves are required on the jobsite at all times.


Project Updates

For project notices, please refer to the neighborhood webpage and weekly neighborhood updates.