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Children’s Center of the Stanford Community


Project Location


Project Background

Stanford University is building a new home for the Children’s Center of the Stanford Community (CCSC). CCSC has served the university community for decades as a highly regarded, parent-cooperative early education program. The current location of CCSC is near Stanford Federal Credit Union off of Serra Street. The program is in modular buildings that are well past their useful life. In 2016, Stanford identified an opportunity to re-purpose another property that has been part of the university child care system to accommodate the relocation of CCSC and to increase childcare enrollment within its programs. Because of the immense popularity of the CCSC program and the university’s child care waiting list, the new CCSC will enable an expansion from the current 144 families, to a total capacity of 225 when the program is fully enrolled.

The identified new site for CCSC is directly across the road from Escondido Elementary School and Bing Nursery School, on land that was once home to the Rainbow School and Pepper Tree House programs. These programs have been retired and these buildings will be demolished to make way for the new CCSC. After a lengthy planning process which has included active engagement within the CCSC community, as well as discussion with Escondido Elementary School and Bing Nursery School, we are excited that the project is ready to move forward with an anticipated opening date of Fall 2018.

In its new location, CCSC will be comprised of a cluster of one-story buildings that will house specialized classroom environments and playgrounds for infant-toddlers, two-year olds, and preschoolers. An administrative building will provide a secure, single point of entry and meeting spaces for the adults providing the high-quality programming.


Project Timeline

In late November 2017 construction activity will begin on the property.

High Level Project Schedule


Project Data

Department/School:  University Human Resources/Work Life
Architect:  Dorman Associates
Contractor:  Hillhouse Construction
Gross Square Feet:  18,700
Construction Schedule:  November 2017 - February 2019
Construction Hours:  8am - 5pm
Construction dates and times are subject to change due to weather and unforeseen conditions. Advance notice of weekend work activities will be provided when the work is scheduled.



Project Details


Construction Parking and Circulation

During construction:

  • Access points

- Construction site access is via gates located on Comstock Circle.

  • Roadway flaggers will be on duty as needed to direct trucks and equipment entering and leaving the construction site.

Project Parking and Access:

  • What we expect during construction

- All construction vehicles will be provided parking inside the project gates for the duration of the project. Construction workers have been alerted to the presence of children and families navigating the pathways and roadways to Escondido School and Bing Nursery School. It is anticipated that construction crews will arrive and be inside the construction fence by 7:00 a.m. to avoid the high traffic areas in the neighborhood and depart around 4:00 p.m.

  • What we expect after opening

- The new CCSC project has been planned to take into consideration the current number of drop-off and pick-up activity at CCSC, Escondido School and Bing Nursery School.

- The site plan was carefully developed to provide vehicular access on the Comstock/Campus Drive side of the property.

- The new location has been designed to accommodate the CCSC staff, family and parent co-op parking spaces.

- The project team will work closely with the Stanford Parking & Transportation Services to monitor and mitigate during construction and operations. CCSC leadership will stay in close contact with the administrative teams at Bing Nursery School and Escondido Elementary School to ensure any future parking impacts are mitigated.


Environmental Health & Safety

  • Abatement:

The construction of the new Children’s Center of the Stanford Community will require demolition of three buildings currently located on the project site; Rainbow School, Pepper Tree House and a student residence building (EV 22). The presence of asbestos and lead paint in older buildings is common and a myriad of Local, State and Federal safety laws and regulations have been implemented to protect workers, families and the environment during building renovations or demolition.

Technical experts from Stanford’s Department of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) provide oversight of all abatement work performed on campus to ensure mandatory safety practices are followed and that all contractors who perform such work are qualified and licensed to do so. Abatement workers in protective suits and respirators may be visible to the public while removing materials from the exterior of the buildings, however, this is for their personal protection and does not mean that any hazardous material is being released from the immediate area or the site.

Stanford is committed to a policy of safely and effectively managing hazardous materials on campus and EH&S oversight of the CCSC project will ensure that the community is protected from exposure to these materials during the abatement process.

  • Dust & Noise:

There is noise and dust associated with construction operations. Noise is mitigated as much as possible; however, intermittent noise disruptions can occur. Construction requirements will be met per code. Dust control operations, via water spray, coincide with these operations.


Construction Look Ahead / Updates / Schedule

Work planned for November 2017:

  • Construction fence installed November 27 – November 30, 2017.
  • Abatement measures commence on November 28 and are completed in mid-December.
  • Construction starts – Late December with no construction truck traffic on Olmstead or the Stanford Ave side of the Escondido bollards.

Work anticipated for December 2017:

  • Abatement and Demolition



Safety Reminders

  • No unauthorized persons may enter the construction site without the authorization of Hillhouse Construction.
  • Any Stanford visitor to the site needs to be accompanied by staff from the Department of Project Management.
  • Hard hats, closed toe shoes, long pants and shirts with sleeves are required on the jobsite at all times.



Contact Information

The project management will provide the administrative teams at Escondido School and Bing Nursery School regular updates to provide in their regular, on-going community communications. Should you have questions about the project now or in the future, please contact Brad Wells, Project Manager, at